Isabel Sadurni is a Film Editor with over 15 years experience in filmmaking. She collaborates on feature films, shorts and series with independent and commercial filmmakers who share the belief  that a story told well can change the world. Her work includes award winning feature-length documentaries and short narratives that have played in top-tier festivals and on national television. Her focus is in working on films that are vehicles for change for people, for communities and for the planet. She's especially supportive of films that promote strong female characters and crews. With every project, her goal is to recognize shared values and goals, build a strong emotional connection to a specific audience and lift the material to its highest potential through creative collaboration.
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The American Nurse: Healing America

Isabel Sadurni: Lead Editor

Documentary Feature Film, HD, U.SA., 81 mins,  2015, American Film Showcase selection, for the U.S. State Department

"This is one of the best films you'll see this year, documentary or otherwise. . . It's hard to walk away from The American Nurse unmoved." -- The Aisle Seat
" A compassionate and psychologically revealing doc. . . accessible not only to Americans of any philosophical stripe but . . . to viewers in other countries." -- The Hollywood Reporter

How to interweave five characters work and lives covering wildly diverse territories under an overarching theme of nursing in America? Take a peek.

The American Nurse explores some of the biggest issues facing America - aging, war, poverty, prisons - through the work and lives of five nurses. 

Director: Carolyn Jones
Producer: Lisa Frank
D.P.: Jaka Vinsek                            
Distributor: DigiNext



Building upon the success of The American Nurse book of portraits, this multi-platform release required the documentary feature to expand upon previously established themes of real-life heroism and extraordinary compassion. Working with Director Carolyn Jones’ initial ideas, I interwove back-story and home life for five separate characters, established their spiritual quest, distinguished a unique tone for each character using a palette of regional visuals and sound design. I then built a rake of escalating obstacles and resolution within an overarching 3-act structure.





Isabel Sadurni: Editor

Feature-length documentary about the art, life and writing of one of The New Yorker magazine's most brazen and popular film critics.

Director/Producer: Rob Garver

Robert Risko_Illustration_sml.jpg

"From the moment Kael began as a film critic at The New Yorker, at the start of 1968, she presided over the movies in the manner of Béla Károlyi watching a gymnast on the balance beam—shouting directives, excoriating every flub, and cheering uncontrollably when a filmmaker stuck his landing. She spent much of her career chastening Hollywood’s excesses while brushing off complaints about immoderation on her own part. She did not regard this as a hypocritical endeavor. Kael wrote quickly and at length, regularly pulling all-nighters into her Tuesday deadlines with the help of cigarettes and bourbon (till she gave up both). Her kinetic passion, her chatty-seatmate prose, and her detail-heckling made her a pop-culture oracle in an era that desperately needed one."

-Nathan Heller, The New Yorker


You have amazing material but haven't yet nailed story structure? We can build it. Maximize compelling storytelling, complex character arcs and emotional highs and lows to rivet your audience. Investors, sales agents, distributors -- We have a business plan for this little pony-- Ask us about participation. Below find an excerpt featuring Author Greil Marcus on Pauline Kael's pivotal review of BONNIE AND CLYDE (Dir: Arthur Penn, 1967)


Producer- Director Rob Garver had an incredible subject in telling the story of film critic Pauline Kael, 43 gorgeously lit interviews with contemporary film luminaries such as Quentin Tarantino, David O'Russell, Paul Schrader, James Toback, Greil Marcus, Philip Lopate and Molly Haskell all waxing poetic about the influence and impact of the work of Pauline Kael, He had a vision, but hadn't yet nailed the story structure. We talked in detail about what kind of story he wanted to tell, who he identified as his target audience, the emotional throughline and the impact he wanted to make with his film. We're working now to build a film that gives you an intimate view inside the contradictions, controversies and pathos of the woman and writing of Pauline Kael as well as tells a story that celebrates the indelible mark made by one of the world's most important and artful voices in film criticism.


Isabel Sadurni: Editor

Documentary, 10- 55 mins, Over 40 feature supplements edited

How to create momentum using sit-down interviews, stills and referential clips? It's a snap when the footage is sourced from cinematic masterworks.

Selection from Editing The THIN RED LINE, Shaping A Terence Malick Film


From Kurosawa to Vigo, Rossellini to Malick, I worked with Producers to create rich, in-depth contextual explorations of the personal, historical and cultural significance of classical and contemporary cinematic masterpieces. Edits involved interweaving interviews with historians, scholars, critics and artists.  I've been honored to create over 40 supplemental documentaries, ranging in length from 10 to 55 minutes.


Isabel Sadurni: Editor/Camera/Producer/Director

 Short Documentary, New York 2015

 A New York economist turned burlesque dancer shares what it's like to play a role by day and bare it all by night.


Pushing the boundaries of high and low culture in taking it on and taking it all off with a New York- based economist turned burlesque dancer created exciting opportunities as camera/director/producer/editor to showcase what re-defines a woman best.

Producer/Director: Isabel Sadurni   Distributor: TBD


Isabel Sadurni: Editor/Producer/Camera/Director

Documentary Series, HD, 3-4 mins vignettes

What happens when a filmmaker asks an elder for advice? This series of 2-mins vignettes encourages an exchange of wisdom across the generations and documents the heartfelt, candid, and surprising responses to the question about what’s essential to living a good life. Make them available to your classroom or wellness community:

How to shape inspiring vignettes that tell a compelling emotional story featuring non-actors in 3 to 4 minutes? Watch this.


Working collaboratively with community members, I filmed interviews then created illustrative visuals and sound design directly inspired by true life events, dreams, and drawings. Each short film is nothing less than a summation of what gives meaning to life after overcoming life’s greatest challenge