I’ve been with, and seen Isabel in just about every imaginable situation. In creating multiple projects together over 10 years, we’ve encountered countless challenges and she handled them all calmly and elegantly. Isabel is fearless, true to her word and has a spirit and energy that could pretty much get anyone through anything. There is nothing she cannot do – or at least in all these years, I have not yet come across it.
— Carolyn Jones, Producer, Director
Isabel’s precision and an ability to problem solve creatively while maintaining a great repore with others was key. Isabel was able to assimilate notes and turn things around fast while continuing to add to the evolution of the story and the emotional impact of piece. . . and she made me laugh.”
— Tim Clancy, Co-Executive Producer, VICE on HBO
Communication is always clear. Things always get discussed. That wondering anxiety is never present because Isabel’s so willing and open to explore and execute an idea fully.
— Kate Elmore, Producer, The Criterion Collection
Isabel’s generous spirit, keen cinematic insight and knack for storytelling really shines through. Her prepared notes and white-boarding session were awesome. She adds such immense value to the production and I look forward to working with her again.
— Ubah Bulale, Director, Producer, Executive Producer
Isabel’s instincts and intuition are solid. Her ability to craft a narrative is there. When your under a time crunch, her ability to both recognize the trouble zone and come back with a creative solution is super-helpful.
— Jason Altman, Producer, The Criterion Collection
Isabel’s natural ability to focus the story and drive the emotion of a piece with rhythm and flow brought out the heartbeat of our project.
— Shari Johanson, Film and Television Music Editor
Building a deep emotional connection to the characters and ramping dramatic conflict over four acts was our priority. Isabel heard that and that remained strong for her throughout the editing process. She helped me think through the story in a much more emotional way, tying in the characters lives to the Big dramatic arc as well as the minor themes of our story.
— Ouida Washington, Producer, The Newark Project, In Development for PBS
As a story producer Isabel went above and beyond what was required to find storylines and themes in the footage— super helpful and easy going.
— Peter Chelkowski, Television Director/Producer
Isabel has a gift for getting to the heart of the story, a great sense of story construction and care for the characters.
— Daniella Duarte, Independent film director
Isabel was committed not just the specifics of being The Editor, but was interested in the project in a holistic way. I hugely appreciated her understanding the bigger goals and of keeping her eye on the big picture.
— Jessica Bauman, Director, Wordplay Shakespeare