Up to your ears in brilliant footage with your narrative feature and your awards speech ret-to-go, just need a fearless editor with a keen sense of story and character development who can be ruthless with the shears? Planning your independent Sundance-bound doc feature and looking to get key personnel in place? I LOVE planning ahead! Can’t even get the paper edit down? Don’t panic. I’ll help you figure out a story structure and shape your footage to build a powerful story with compelling, relatable characters. Here are a couple of ways we can work together:

Editing,  starting from raw material or re-working.

  • We develop a dynamic structure for your film, factoring in all essential elements, map the narrative progression from start to finish together, then I work independently or with you in the studio to make your film a thing of beauty, even if it was already decent.
  • Need clarity in a story that feels overweighted with too many characters or whose narrative throughline feels messy or muddled? I’ll crank out some genius options and show you sample of what's possible, using your present footage.

Phone consulting. I offer:

  • Brainstorming to find the gold that’s already there. It’s hiding in your brilliant footage, you just need some help organizing it to offer clarity and a coherent story form.
  • Honest, insightful feedback on what you’ve got, and the guidance you need to lift away the inessential. It’s like conducting surgery by phone, but way less dangerous.
  • Talking through genre and tone. I've done a fair amount of reading and writing about cinema and often can offer specific scene references and anecdotes that can help illuminate an idea. Love getting my cinematic nerd on.



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